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About CISM

Canadian International School of Mianyang began its operation in September 2012 with programming for grade 10 and 12 students.

The students are provided high-quality education by both excellent Canadian teachers with English as instruction language and excellent Chinese teachers for basic Chinese courses.

CISM cooperates with SD 47 of Powell River of BC province and uses the BC curriculum which puts students on the path to earn an internationally recognized high school diploma. An BC Dogwood Diploma will allow our students to compete on the international stage. The BC curriculum is focused around student-centered inquiry learning. This philosophy fosters independent and critical thinkers who have the skills to cope and adapt in different situations.

We offer students a diverse environment in which to grow, share and learn from one another and necessarily provide rich experiences outside of their curricular studies.

  • Staff & Faculty

    Our teachers, both Canadian and Chinese, are highly trained and certified in their respective countries.


  • Our Program

    CISM values communication, holistic learning and intercultural awareness.We will be respectful of individual.....


  • Splendid Activity

    Our students explore the challenging aspects of the world around us and experience the joys of inquiry-based learning.....


  • Join us

    Together we will endeavour to make this year successful for all of us as we work towards our mutual and important goals....


  • FAQs

    Please look around our site and learn about our program. Please be sure to contact us about any questions you might have.