Reasons to Attend CISM

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Talented and caring teachers
All of our teachers hold internationally valid certifications and most of our support staff also have post-secondary education. All teachers are involved in extra-curricular activities thereby building relationships inside and outside of the classroom. And small classroom sizes give them the opportunity to spend more time with students.
An enriched curriculum
The Alberta curriculum is very challenging and prepares students for international post-secondary education and rates very well in international comparisons.

Effective class sizes
Despite the phenomenal growth of CISM, class sizes are kept small. The number of students in each class is about 20. Combined with accessible and caring teachers, students will receive the attention suitable for their needs.

Modern Technology
The school is connected through its wired classrooms and extensive wireless network. Classrooms can use laptops, projection screens, and LCD TV screens to enrich the learning experience with electronic media.
Excellent preparation for University
The academic course of the Alberta curriculum prepares students to enter post-secondary education. The Alberta High School diploma is recognized at universities and colleges around the world. Dedicated counselors and teachers provide assistance in selecting and preparing for post-secondary studies.

Well balanced education
The academic coursework of the school is well balanced with opportunities for students to study music, art, drama, physical education, and a foreign language. Students are challenged not only to achieve good grades, but also to cultivate integrity, empathy, and leadership.