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1. Why do we introduce Canadian curriculumn, and what are the advantages of Canadian high school education?
Canadians attach importance to education and the annual educational expense in Canada ranks the second among the western 8 countries. The diplomas got in Canada are widely recognized by global business community, government, and academia, and Canadian high school diploma is accepted by many universities in Canada, the United States and nations of the Commonwealth.

2. Why is it said that Canadian International School is the Powerful Combination of Education between Two Countries?
Canada is an advanced western country, and the partner high schools of Chinese side chosen by internationalschool program team are all local key high schools. Canadian and Chinese sides integrate Canadian educational system of high quality into China’s elite schools through complementary advantages and powerful combination, which is convenient for Chinese students to study the original Canadian courses without going abroad, and also builds a bridge for students who want to go abroad to have further study after high school graduation.  
3. What is the difference between Canadian international School and other oversea study agencies, or the short-term training institutions? 
There are obvious differences; Canadian International School is a Sino-Foreign cooperative program approved by Education Department of Sichuan Province, and it is a Canadian international school, which provides a shortcut for students who want to study abroad.
   1). Gearing itself to foreign standard. Studying in Canadian International School can help students overcome the difficulties of language, study and life, which creates a transitional period for students to study abroad. 
   2). Saving money. Studying in Canadian International School costs much less money than study in native Canadian high school, oversea study agencies or other ways to study abroad, such as language institute, or organizations assisting visa application. They can’t solve the substantive problems, for example, the problem of adaption. Students who want to study abroad through other ways must overcome language difficulties and have pre-university study, and both of which will cost a lot of money. Moreover, this kind of students still need to pay agency fee of going aboard. 
   3).Having access to prestigious university. After three or four years of study in Canadian International School, students with Canadian high school diploma can apply to study in universities of English-speaking country, and students who get excellent learning outcome can apply to study in world-class universities, such as Yale University, New York State University, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, and University of British Columbia.

4. What is the characteristics of Canadian International School ?
  1. The original Canadian textbooks are adopted;
  2. Teachers in Canadian International School are certified by Canadian Ministry of Eduction;
  3. Courses of Canadian side are taught in English completely;
  4. Small-class teaching and fine management are provided;
  5. Obtaining Canadian high school diploma after graduation, and applying to study in foreign university directly.

5. What is the difference between study abroad after high school graduation and study in Canadian International School at present ?
For the students who enter Chinese high school, their study habits and way of thinking are quite different from the students of foreign countries after high school graduation, so they can’t adapt themselves to foreign countries’ environment after going abroad, and there will be too many difficulties in their daily life and study. However, Canadian International School adopts original Canadian textbooks, and pays more attention to students’ overall development, which provides an opportunity for students to experience foreign teaching method in advance. Thus, students will meet much less difficulties and can pay more attention to their study efficiently after going abroad to study.
6. What is the difference of high school education between Canadian International School and traditional Chinese high school?
During three years’ study in Canadian International School, students will experience creative composition, research techniques, the ways to solve problems, team activities, oral presentation and so on, all of which are unique and efficient content in Canadian high school education system. These activities are consistent with its goal to cultivate international talents, and consistent with the requirements on the basis of which western universities test students’ knowledge and capability, and decide student recruitment. All of those cannot be realized in Exam-oriented Eduction of Chinese high school.
7.What can student learn from the teaching method of Canadian International School?
Student will not only answer questions testing memory and the capacity of understanding, but also spend more time and energy on each educational activity and practice ( such as application, analysis, comprehension, assessment, and so on) which is conducive to promote thinking level. In the course study of western universities, students must possess the essential quality of high-level thinking ability, which is also an important item in exam.

8.What is the differences between Canadian International School’s complete teaching in English and learning IELTS or TOEFL for oversea study ?
In general, if students can get high marks in the exam of IELTS or TOEFL, they indeed meet the demand of studying in western universities. However, studying abroad through this way may result in one problem: although students get the opportunity to study in western universities by passing this kind of language test, generally they will have to study language courses or transitional courses after entering the university; thus students may have to spend one or two more semesters in learning English as a Second Language or learning transitional courses. However, students who graduate from Canadian International School can directly study regular courses after entering western universities. 

9.What is the difference between Canadian International School and ordinary pre-university study?
The biggest advantage of Canadian International School is the entire English teaching environment with original Canadian textbooks. But it is different from ordinary bilingual school, because Canadian International School pays close attention to students’ English study. In the meanwhile, Canadian International School emphasizes and implements the combination of English study and knowledge study of other high school courses to help students learn to use English correctly and proficiently in daily life and relevant knowledge fields. The textbook of subjects,like Math, Science, Social Science are all Canadian original textbook designated by Canadian Ministry of Education, and the courses are taught by Canadian certified teacher entirely in English. It is the way of teaching in mother language, which can improve students’ English skill subconsciously in the process of absorbing knowledge. For those who are not good at English, school specially sets up the course of ESL to strengthen their English skill. Furthermore, according to the needs of students, school offers twenty-hour courses taught completely in English every week, which is approximately four times more than ordinary high school.
10.Why can Canadian International School avoid trouble for lower age students in studying abroad?
Canadian International School brings in Canadian high school eduction system (original textbook, exclusive syllabus) verified by Canadian Ministry of Education, and teachers certified by the Ministry will carry out the teaching. Students will take Canadian provincial exam before graduation, if they pass the exam, they will get Canadian high school diploma just like native Canadian high school graduates. Both Canadian and Chinese sides are commonly making efforts to create the same teaching and living environment, and Chinese side also ensures the teaching quality is the same as Canada’s. All of those provide an opportunity for students in international school to experience the same learning effect as in Canada without going abroad, and avoid the following problems that students of high school age usually meet during overseas study: 1. The country is far away from hometown; 2. Students can’t go home to celebrate festivals with family members because of the different festival date in different countries; 3. Sometimes, they will meet problems in host family; 4. They will loss self-study awareness; 5. It is easy for them to make friends with bad people and get bad life style; 6. They can only learn language courses, and cannot learn other regular high school courses 
11.Can Canadian International School Education meet the teaching standards of western courses?
Courses of Canadian International School are assessed and certified by Canadian Ministry of Education, and the Ministry will inspect and evaluate the cooperative program established in China to ensure that Canadian International School education meets the following requirements:
1. All Canadian courses are taught in English;
2. Teachers and principal of Canadian side are certified by Canadian Ministry of Education;
3. The teaching contents, teaching methods, learning activities, assessment methods, learning outcome, and other aspects of each course meet the standards of Canadian high school.
4. Students in grade 10, 11 and 12 should take the provincial exam organized by Canadian Ministry of Education.
5. The school must offer enough courses to ensure that students meet teaching and graduation requirements of Canadian internationalSchool.  

12. Canadian International School teaches students totally in English and adopts original Canadian high school textbook, what if students can’t understand foreign teachers at the beginning?
Students who enter Canadian International School have the same education background, but a good foundation of English is required before enrolment. Moreover, English teaching and English skill will be strengthened during the learning process in the school, thus we don’t have to worry about that students can not understand oral English. For some students who really feel difficult, the school will offer ESL course to strengthen their English abilities (ESL is globally famous course for strengthening English abilities, including intensive reading, extensive reading, oral English, listening comprehension, and writing). ESL can help students quickly integrate into the total English learning and living environment. Furthermore, the Chinese excellent teacher (who has got TEM 8 certificate) who is appointed as foreign teacher assistant during the school time can also help to strengthen students’ English ability. At the beginning, foreign teachers will try their best to slow the speed of speaking in accordance with students’ real conditions, and they will also write important words on the blackboard to help students quickly adapt to the learning environment.